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Salmon fishing is better in the Northwest than anywhere else in the World. That's a bold claim but there are plenty of Oregon Salmon fishing guides and Washington Salmon fishing guides who fish the Columbia River, the Pacific Ocean, Tillamook Bay, the Puget Sound, the Olympic Peninsula, Umpqua River, Rogue River, Buoy 10, the Snake river, and places all over the Northwest for Salmon. We'll be posting fishing reports, fishing how to articles and tips telling everything about how to catch Salmon here.

Learn how to catch Salmon from the pros. The best Salmon fishing guides are listed on this website.

Washington fishing guides

Oregon has some of the very best Salmon fishing on the West Coast, check here for information on our Chinook and Coho Salmon trips!

Salmon Fishing:

Salmon fishing is one thing Oregon is well known for, weather you are catching Silver's and the lightning fast runs or Chinook and their strong hard fights we've got you covered!
In the Spring its the Ocean fresh Spring Chinook we are after, we will be fishing either the mainstream of the Columbia River of the Willamette around Portland, these fish average 20-25lbs and are great eating!

The Columbia River offers premiere opportunities to fish for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, shad and a variety of warmwater species. Management of the river and its fisheries is a responsibility shared by state, federal and tribal agencies. The overarching management objective is to meet conservation requirements while providing optimum sport and commercial fishing opportunities

     Daniel St. Laurent Salmon and Steelhead fishing guide. I fish the Columbia River, Tillamook Bay and all coastal rivers & bays nearby including Nehalem, the Wilson & Trask Rivers for Salmon & Steelhead and the popular Buoy 10 Salmon fishery. I also fish for Spring Salmon at Wind River and Drano Lake and the Willamette River. I'll give you tips and information to help you fish all those areas because I've been fishing them all my life and it's my passion. I live to get up every morning and fish and nothing is more fun to me than making sure my friends and clients are "on the fish" and in the right zone using the very best baits and lures. Please visit my website and contact me to book a trip. My promise to you is that you'll be glad you did  - 
Daniel St. Laurent  - 
St. Laurent Guide Service

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Fishing for salmon, sturgeon, or bottom fish will find charter boats in Astoria, Warrenton and Hammond. The experienced charter operators can take care of everything, including fishing licenses.
Fall Chinook Salmon
Lower Columbia River Fishing the Columbia River near Astoria is the most productive salmon fishery in the state, with fish running 10 - 50 pounds.
Limits are very common here.
About Salmon and how to catch Salmon including all types of Salmon, Coho silvers Fall Chinook upriver brights Summer Chinook Salmon.
Pacific Salmon:
Salmon found in the North Pacific Ocean spawn only once, dying after depositing and fertilizing their eggs. The best-known and most valuable species is the Chinook salmon, which is also known as the king salmon, Columbia River salmon, quinnat, chowichee, and takou. Market specimens of this fish average about 9 kg (about 20 lb) in weight, but numerous specimens more than 1.5 m (more than 5 ft) in length and well over 45 kg (more than 100 lb) in weight have been recorded. The Chinook salmon migrates farther than any other salmon, often traveling 1600 to 3200 km (1000 to 2000 mi) inland to its spawning ground. Its eggs usually hatch within two months, and the young descend to the sea when 5 to 7.5 cm (2 to 3 in) long. The sockeye, red, or blueblack salmon is another valuable species, as is the Coho, or silver salmon, which has light pink flesh. Other salmon in the Pacific basin are commonly known as the pink, or humpbacked salmon, and the chum, or dog salmon.

The guides at Sport Fishing The West are professional and friendly. Our success can be attributed to experience and knowledge. We have a strong commitment in providing each guest with a memorable and safe experience.
Clients fish from comfortable Coast Guard approved boats and are provided state-of -the-art fishing tackle, including quality graphite rods and level wind reels. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a beginner, we have trips tailored to meet all your needs. Make your next fishing adventure a great one by fishing with the best of the best. You'll be glad you did! Give us a call and book that Oregon, Washington or Alaska fishing trip today.

Oregon Northern California, Smith and Klamath rivers
Call Wild Rivers outfitters today and let Dave McLaughlin show you some of the finest fishing and scenery along some of the most productive and scenic fishing rivers in the northwest, using a driftboat or jetboat with first hand knowledge of the rivers, Dave will do everything he can possibly can to give you a fishing and outdoor experience of a lifetime The best quality equipment is used including custom rods, reels, bait and tackle. David posts regular fishing reports and knows the waters he fishes very well. Fish with a local full time fishing guide and look forward to a quality fishing adventure for salmon and steelhead on the popular rivers of southern Oregon and Northern California. We also do scenic tours, bird watching, photography, and wild life trips.

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How to catch different types of Salmon:
  • Salmon

  • Coho Salmon

  • Silvers

  • Chinook (fall chinook, spring chinook)

  • Jack Salmon

  • Chum Salmon

  • Kokanee Salmon

  • King Salmon

  • Upriver brights

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J.R.'s Guide Service

J.R.'s Guide Service is your Cowlitz River Fishing Guide offering the finest ocean, bay, river & stream fishing In Oregon & Washington. The goal of J.R.'s Fishing Guide Service is to exceed our customers' expectations in every way we possibly can.
The Cowlitz River in SW Washington is a very popular place for Washington fishing destination for Salmon and Steelhead. Cowlitz river fishing guides who know the river catch more Salmon and Steelhead because they know where to fish when the seasons and water conditions change. JR's Guide Service can put you on the fish and have proved this again and again over the years. If you have heard about the great fishing opportunities and want to experience a great day of Salmon or Steelhead fishing, call J.R. Guide Service today and book a trip for the prime times.

Pro Green rods were created for the more aggressive angler who is fishing for inshore saltwater species. These rods are surprisingly light for their power, yet sensitive enough to detect even the lightest bite.


The Limit Out bait rig design produces a tight spinning action resulting in aggressive strikes by Coho and Chinook salmon. Our first product trial using our new Limit Out Bait Rig was on an ocean fishing trip out of Depoe Bay Oregon in 2007. We caught limits of salmon. The next day we had over 37 hook ups in 4 hours of fishing, finishing with a boat limit. We knew the special design really catches fish.

The Limit Out Bait Rig worked great in salt water, but we needed further testing to see if it would work in fresh water. In August of 2007 we went to the lower Columbia, upstream of the Oregon /Washington Bridge, to give this new bait rig a try on upriver Columbia Chinook and Silver Salmon. The fishing was slow but we put on a show. We had double hook ups and finished the day with Chinook and Silver limits. At the dock, many boats had fished all day and only averaged 2 salmon per boat while we fished only a few hours to catch our 8 salmon.

The Limit Out Bait Rig will catch limits of salmon, hence the name. There are two models: the In-line Bait Rig and the Sliding Bait Rig. It is available in four colors: Red, Blue, Clear, and Chartreuse. For best results use thawed bait lightly salted or brined. For something different, try adding two beads and a plastic clevis with a #4 Colorado blade on the leader to convert to a spinner bait rig.

We hope you have a great fishing season with new Limit Out Bait Rig and Limit Out!

Jim Milanowski  -  President & CEO  -  Limit Out Inc.

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Anglers fish for salmon with rod and reel, often using flies as bait. Commercial fishing for salmon is done on a much larger scale, employing traps and pound nets to catch the fish on the way to their spawning grounds. Salmon canning is one of the major industries of the American Pacific coast. To mitigate the decimation of wild salmon runs caused by construction of dams and overfishing, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service yearly deposits billions of salmon eggs and young, propagated in nurseries, into natural breeding grounds and constructs fish ladders for the upstream journey of mature salmon. However, hatchery-raised salmon have aggressive feeding habits-that is, they spend most of their time at the water's surface looking for food unlike the wild salmon that spend most of their time in deep water or under cover. As a result, hatchery-raised salmon consume most of the food wild salmon need to live. At the same time, this aggressive feeding makes hatchery salmon more vulnerable to predators because they stay near the surface. Hatchery salmon usually have less genetic diversity (see Genetics: Genes in Populations) than wild salmon, which can lead to lowered resistance to disease and other environmental hazards. The annual harvest of wild and farm-raised salmon in the United States averages about 478,000 metric tons, of which about 60 percent is canned. website stole and or copied material from our websites and posted it on theirs so the information above was taken from their website.

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Salmon Recipe How To Catch Salmon
 And then How to Cook Salmon

Recipe Idea
Place the fillet in a zip lock bag and marinate it in Italian salad dressing for 45 min to an hour. Place it skin side down on aluminum foil and put under the broiler. Just before it's done (about 15 minutes per inch of thickness) sprinkle a layer of shredded parmesan cheese and let it melt.

baked salmon
Lemon Cream Baked Salmon

Arrange 3-4 salmon steaks (2 lbs.) in a buttered baking dish.
Mix 1 C. heavy cream, 5 t. lemon juice, 1 T. minced onion, dash of salt and pour over steaks, bake uncovered 25 minutes at 400° (or until fish flakes easily). Spoon sauce over each serving. Garnish with fresh parsley.

Barbecued Salmon

  • salmon steaks

  • brown sugar

  • dry mustard

  • soy sauce

  • lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together and cover salmon steaks with the mixture. Place on wire grills (top and bottom grill like a large hot dog grill). Broil over charcoal or fire.



Erik purchased a brand new boat for this season.
The new jet sled is a 23 ft Alumaweld 2008 model that is heated and accommodates 6 passengers very comfortably. Whether you choose to fish the famous Chinook Salmon, Chrome bright hard fighting Steelhead, or the dinosaur of the Columbia - the Sturgeon, Erik will guide you with his three generations of expert knowledge of the Hot Spots. Each trip offers a professional service and an unforgettable experience and a chance for that fish of a lifetime. Erik's Fishing Guide Service will provide an exciting and fun-filled trip. You will want to come back time and time again. Erik is one of the only guides who offers a FISH CATCH GUARANTY.

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